Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hexed The Iron Druid Chronicles Book 2 Written by: Kevin Hearne

Why hello there readers, my, my, my, and wowza! I just couldn't bring myself to listen to any other book I just had to absolutely had to download and listen to book 2 in Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid Chronicle series. Atticus O'Sullivan be still my beating heart for you have stolen it. In the previous book we learned that Atticus doesn't overly care for witches and he has quite the plethora of reasons not to. Still, Atticus is willing to make nice with the depleted local coven by signing a mutually beneficial nonaggression treaty, but then something of course occurs to upset that possible peace... it appears that the Tempe Arizona witch population quadruples overnight, and the new girls are no ladies and have it seems a possible score to settle with our Iron Druid. A turf war? You bet. As if that isn't enough readers Atticus committed quite the impressive feat the last book and it seems the entire supernatural world has taken notice where Atticus just wants to live in peace and continue on living there are certain forces and of course meddlesome Goddesses whom might make that impossible. Add to the list of issues there is also a fallen Angel feasting on local high school students, a horde of Bacchants with a very specific talent to corrupt and destroy....oh and he's a teacher now whom might need to ask his student to wear baggy clothing and shave her head so he can get over his attraction to (Though this relationship is hilarious in itself too) and  he has to hire extra help at the shop. I did listen to this book and Luke Daniels yet again lent his vocal talents to narrating this tale....I actually have one complaint about Daniel's accent to a certain Native American God... it was just jarring to listen to and it didn't improve after I listened to this book again, but other than that I have no complaints as his switching between serious moments to just plain silly happened so fast because of Hearne's writing that it was just brilliant and impressive. Between Atticus flashing the whole neighborhood, painful sex, suspicious police, and everyone asking Atticus to kill Thor it's nuts. I confess while I was running I almost fell off of my treadmill twice because of how funny this book is, I know after the description I just gave this book seems like anything but humorous or slightly capable of causing deep belly laughs, but this book does that and so much more, it seems like Kevin Hearne has created a group of characters and intends to give them each their turn int he spotlight... and who doesn't love an Irish Wolf Hound who just wants to spread the love? Loved this book just as much as the first one there's a ton of old school lessons and a whole lot of new school lingo and cultural education or lack there of :Smiles: an absolute treat, maybe I've been desensitized by other writings, but though these books hold plenty of battles, death, and loss... it's somehow upbeat.

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