Friday, January 10, 2014

Hammered Book 3 in The Iron Druid Chronicles Written by: Kevin Hearne

Well Mr. Hearne I thought we had something here, really thought this was going to be a good, happy, healthy relationship, filled with fun and laughter, but NO! So, let’s talk about this book, even though I am emotionally distraught. But c’mon I should’ve known there’s greek gods in this book and the plot to kill a particular thunder wielding God and Shakespeare is constantly quoted… so c’mon all the signs were there! So, that particular Thunder God I’m speaking about is none other than Thor who is worse than a blowhard according to everyone, and he’s ruined countless lives and killed scores of innocents…still should he a God be put to death? Wouldn’t be the first time this has happened in this series, but….this is THOR. Still there's quite a bit of humor in this book, I think it lulled me to a false sense of everything will be okay kinda security... after all when there's a bodily gas passing joke how can it all be bad and sad? So, Leif Helgarson a Viking vampire after a thousand years is ready to get his vengeance, and he’s asked his friend Atticus O’Sullivan, also a druid to help take down this Norse bully. I was very confused and shocked readers, for more than two thousand years Atticus has lived by a particular strategy and it has kept him the last of the druids alive: stay away from trouble. So, why is Atticus so ready to cause problems? Why take on the Norse Gods? Thanks to the modern written word Thor and his fellow Norse Gods are known all over the world and so many worship them still even if it’s through comics and movies their names are on mortal lips and so they are powerful. Also, there’s trouble in Atticus’s home of Tempe Arizona… It seems there is a vampire turf war on the horizon, an old woman close to death, a Russian demon hunter group who even Jesus doesn’t like running around all wild, and yet despite multiple warnings of the ripple effect Atticus’s actions will have…he still plans to follow through with his promise! I have come to see Atticus yes as a man child, but a wise man child whom has decided to stay young even though he has so many years of experience and his own sorrows, but in this book I felt like Atticus just couldn’t help himself from going through with this promise as if he were compelled to see just where this was all going. Luke Daniels once more brings Atticus and the rest of Hearne’s world of characters to life and does an amazing job of keeping the tone light and then turning serious when the story warrants it. There were quite some challenging accents and languages in this book and since I’m not overly familiar with either I thought he was pretty spot on, but I’m no expert. So, just how does one take on a Thunder God and possibly his entire family? Why, one does not simply walk into Asgard no there’s a whole lot that has to happen and a whole team that needs to be prepped and readers steel yourself strong because there will be blood and not all of it will be enemy blood. This is only book three in this series, but so much is changing already from what I began to expect, I don’t know of any other series where something like this has happened and so quickly, seriously it’s baffling and eye bulging in how things will occur and conclude. I was really hoping this was a book that was very much like Super Mario brothers 2 and at the end the Hero would awaken to realize it was all just some fascinating and terrible dream… but seeing as I haven’t read the fourth book maybe just maybe I’ll get my wish? Please? I’m so fascinated by this book and the Druid trickster Atticus.

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