Friday, January 3, 2014

Wrapped Up With Ribbons When Naughty Becomes So Nice book 2 Written by: Melissa F Hart

Okay, I know, I know Christmas is OVER and it’s time to move on, but I just couldn't wait until next Christmas to see what became of Andie Nichols whom we met in a previous book and how we left off was well… frankly… too much for me to wait and see what happens! So, Andy Nichols has her own personnel sex slave now Ryan Miller whom is introducing Andie to pleasures she never dreamed of and during these little games Andie is quickly learning whom she really is and who she wants to be. Unlike the first book where Andie was hesitant and a bit lost this second book in the series shows Andie is developing quite the appetite for Kink and perhaps weekends with Ryan isn’t enough anymore, and maybe just maybe…Ryan feels the same way? There’s sadly a dark side to this readers, Andie’s ex-boyfriend Evan wants Andie back, but not this confident and even defiant Andie he wants the Andie who would do anything he told her and never disobey him. Readers, it’s not the same as what Andie and Ryan have, what they have is a mutual relationship based on trust, what Evan wants it to be completely in control and constantly berates and insults Andie. Who the hell wants that? So, Evan is ready to give Andie that ring she always dreamed of with Evan, but does she want that now? It appears Andie could have either men wrapped up with ribbons underneath her Christmas tree this holiday, but what is it that she really wants? Andie has years of history with Evan, but Ryan has given her new life…so which is it readers? There’s definitely some romance going on in this book readers but there is also the top, bottom/ mistress, slave events as well. Still, it was a good short tale that takes this kind of lifestyle to a more romantic soft side of things, but there’s still the spanking and of course handcuffs and some punishment. Not a bad tale, but can it end happily?

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