Sunday, September 30, 2012

'Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy Written by: Leslie Langtry

The Stage is set, the story has been going on for a while and yet we get plopped right in the middle of Ginny Bombay's strange, but awesome life. Ginny is 39 years old a single mother widowed a few years back, (no she and her family didn't kill him, well she's pretty sure no one in her family killed him.) and a member of an Elite family of Assassins. That's right a house wife and assassin and poisons are her specialty. This book was just kick butt cool! I mean think of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and add quirky and smart ass remarks left and right. Ginny is just such a cool person, there were a few times where I wanted to go "Oh Honey c'mon you can do it!" The plot of this book begins with Ginny searching for a Bombay RSVP card because if she doesn't she will be hunted down by someone in her family and killed. These Bombay family reunions are mandatory no exceptions. Everyone that is blood in the Bombay family are trained from age 5 and make their first kill at age 15. They're a rather colorful bunch, but mostly they appear as just your average family folk. This Reunion however is five years early, and no one knows what is up, and then there's having to bake a few dozen Halloween cookies, lead a Daisy troop, and oh try to not drag a gorgeous man that has walked into Ginny's life right into her bed cave woman style. Not to mention Ginny has to kill a mark before the reunion as well, what is a mother to do? Then there's the darker parts of the book that occur which I simply cannot give away to you. I really loved this book the humor had me laughing non stop and dying to know what was going to happen, and each chapter had an very cool quote from similar movies and books relating to the assassin world. Oh, and apparently Leslie Langtry has even more books on the Bombay family!

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