Sunday, September 9, 2012

Daughter of the Sea written by: Mira Zamin

This read was a last attempt at keeping summer near, so what better way than to imagine white beaches, Oceans, and beautiful sunshine. We go back to the time of ruler Augustus Caesar in a land called Terronensis right by the sea far from Rome, but its citizens are Roman and Calista our main character daughter of the ruler of Terronensis her family also includes her beautiful Dark Mother Olympia and her young brother Pyp. The story is something like that of a classic Greek Tragedy there are the Gods always meddling, Star crossed lovers, a family in peril, an incestuous relationship, and of course tragedy. Poor Calista a beautiful golden maiden is being forced into marriage by her parents, though they are a loving pair and only wants what best for their daughter they know it is not a match of love. The story goes on well enough and Calista can be a likable character, but there were a few times I had to remember she was just 16 and was subject to not being able to handle everything that came her way. There's a mysterious past behind Calista's parentage and perhaps she may not be quite wholly human. The book continues steadily and draws you in, but then it continues going in circles and does not really develop any of the other characters having random people enter and leave just as abruptly barely putting flesh on this stories bones. Before you know it the end of the book comes and so many questions are unanswered and makes me wonder if she grew bored with her book or planned on writing a sequel. This was just OK of a book.

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