Monday, September 3, 2012

A Faerie Fated Forever Written by: Mary Anne Graham

And they all lived happily Ever after... that's how Faerie tales should be right? What they don't tell you is that the fair folk like to keep playing with their investments. Nial Maclee is Laird of his Scottish clan, and has a fairy curse upon his family placed upon him by the King of the Faeries himself. Ian Maclee, Nial's Great Grandfather man times removed, fell in love with the daughter of the Faerie King who disapproved of their love, but the King gave into his daughters tearful pleas. But, the king decreed his daughter had to leave her beloved after a year and day passed, even though 9 months lady a bairn appeared. And so it goes on and on, and ends with Nial's family ending up with a Faerie flag that the clan laird can use, but the flag can only be used three times in total to summon Faerie help. Something occurs to earn the Maclee men a curse that every laird of the CLan Maclee shall be more handsome and more irresistible to the lasses than the one before him. Ladies shall chase him and try to trap him but he must not fall prey to their wiles, for he shall fall in love only once. His faerie fated love shall set the claws of passion to his manhood, the need to possess to his soul, and the magic of love to his heart. If he marries another he will live a wretched existence beset by unsatisfied desire for the love he cannot have and cannot forget for all of his mortal days. Well, Nial certainly is gallant in how he only beds widows and won't allow any to possess him since he's so desperately looking for his Faerie Fated love. He is even willing to not consider an ideal match between Clan MacIver's Heather aka Heather The Hag, her dowry and joining of the clans would mean prosperity for both clans, but Nial is convinced Heather the Hag though a Nice girl is anything but is Fated love. This book is long, I mean just long, there's so much excess chapters, plots, and twists that really do not need to be here, from the very beginning I had this figured out, and even though the author tries to empower her female character Heather with a London cousin guiding her it really does insult the female here and there with how men can behave and women cannot...or how nuts these people are, then again the Faerie folk are messing with them no? This book takes us from Scotland to London and back. There were some very risky scenes and pretty racy, I am not sure if this was going for erotic, but it border-lined on it quite often.  It was ok, nothing really great, but the concept was cute but infuriating with how nuts people can be, but I guess that's what love does eh?

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