Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dangerous Attractions Written by: Gwyneth Atlee

Well folks, summer is over for this East Coast person, but why not punish myself a bit more... The Florida Keys Florida from 1840 to 1857 this book in the beginning was rather topsy turvy, and difficult to follow. Mostly because it jumps from two of the main characters perspectives from past to present, and then back again almost at random. This is a romance thriller really, you have the first blooms of love severed by tragedy 17 years ago and turned to confusion and even hatred, and then some storm throws these now young adults back into one another’s lives. Genna a dark beauty that most men would not think to notice, but she is pretty. Sadly, she has been scared by the past and is but a shadow of her young self.  Then there is strong, successful, and yes handome; Eli, adopted by a prominent Wrecker (person who salavages and tries to save ships cargo/people) and saved all those years ago when Eli learned to hate Genna. Both have a terrible past from a night they shared together as children, and both are working through current problems, but they cannot fight the attraction and love coming to life between them. Eli is promised to his foster sister Abbie a beautiful and golden young lady, and Genna is fleeing from a family member who got way too fresh with her. The setting of this book is quite beautiful when the author takes the time to describe the ships and beautiful Island. There are quite a few mysteries and stories going on all at once and quite a few prejudices to get over. It becomes almost Soap Opera climactic towards the ends with mysteries being brought to light and love being declared left and right, it was almost absurd, but it was a good book. A nice read over all and tale that makes you think well love can sure as hell make a difference if you let it both in good and bad.

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