Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Phantom of Valletta Written by: Vicki Hopkins

Bravo! Stupendous! The Phantom of Valletta has brought me great joy in its reading. I could not wait to finish reading this book, but at the same time I got that old feeling of be patient and digest this slowly because it will be over all too soon. The Phantom of Valletta is a sequel to the classic tale of The Phantom of the Opera, and perhaps some of you die hard traditional fans may be a bit shocked over this, but in all frankness whatever, this sequel was so beautifully written and flowed into the original tale so well I fell in love with our Opera Ghost all over again. There are of course some classic characters who also grace these pages and have their very classic and distinct voices. From the ashes shall he rise again no? I could see the sets, and hear the haunting voices of so many and of course the music imbued with so much emotion. Perhaps I am a tad crazy, but the words painted such a haunted picture in my mind. I just cannot give anything away about this book because one should really enjoy this sequel totally blind. My only qualms was about a certain servant all but vanishing from the plot, but even that can be forgiven in how this book progressed and its characters interacted and were forced to interact, mend, and grow up after all these years of being slaves to the same performance over and over again. Will this book be the Angel of Music’s undoing? Will it be his death? I certainly won't tell you. So great job Vicki Hopkins I loved your book.

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