Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eleven on Top A Stephanie Plum Novel Written by: Janet Evanovich

Book 11...bald spots, new Job & career options, Cello hell...oh let’s not forget blown up cars, people, places of business, wale brides, and food everywhere! Stephanie cannot get a break, and I must admit it is not because the Universe hates her, she creates more than half of her problems. The last book left me disappointed, but this book just frustrated me! It had a lot of amazing moments though that is for damn sure. And, it seemed like Stephanie's life would perhaps improve, granted I know there are 18 books so far in this series, so obviously it cannot improve yet, but still! Her family is getting even more bizarre as time goes on, her mother is all but lost it, and can you blame the poor women? This book brought back a lot of old characters even some from the dead, which was pretty clever, but makes you realize you just cannot trust anyone. And Stephanie's love life...I L-I-K-E You!?! Oh my...just stick a fork in this girl she's done. I feel so bad for Morelli and Ranger this love triangle thing is also a tad odd... If I were either man I would dump Stephanie's sugar eating, Italian/Hungarian, nosey self. Then there is the ending, which ends very abruptly it works, but it leaves quite a bit unresolved, so we shall see where this series goes, but as a person I am not a big fan of Stephanie or Lula for that matter they just make problems.

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