Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Doll Written by: J.C. Martin

Dolls...:shiver: Ever since I was five years old and saw Chucky I just could never look at Dolls quite the same way...I mean they're little people but have lifeless smiling eyes, and for those of you who have seen The Littles or read Gulliver's Travels sometimes little people can be trouble. Plus what Porcelain Dolls used to be made of Human Teeth and hair, ew! Teddy Bears all the way for me thank you. Dolls are especially creepy if they are imbued with a dead serial Killer like in Chucky's case. The Doll was a short book, that brought into play the practices of Santeria a mixture of traditions: African, Roman, Catholic, and Native American. It according to the book occurred when African Slaves were brought to South America by Catholic Masters. Joyce a mother and her daughter Taylor travel to an Island off of Mexico which is just covered in Dolls. OK, right here I would not get off the boat, we are not talking nice in the packaging dolls, but decaying missing limbs and eyes, dolls hanging from trees. No thank you! Add in a ghost story about a drowned little girl who has drowned a man with her haunting restless spirit, and well...yeah screw that I have enough sense to not go looking for trouble. I don't know how children now of days are not cautious because when I was Taylor's age I would just have about been frozen with fear from all of those decaying eyes, I don't know what posses such a child to go ahead and think this Island is cool. Nope, not a clue. It is not a fully unique story, but it is a tale of caution I would think to both parents and children alike.

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