Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Dark Kiss of Rapture Written by: Sylvia Day A Renegade Angels Novella

Happy 1st of September Readers, have we already reached the ending of summer? Seems like it flew by. So, I downloaded this book for my E-reader as a suggestion by Book Bub wonderful site. Any who. Have you ever felt like you began talking to someone and felt like you had fallen into the middle of the conversation rather than the beginning? This is what A Dark Kiss of Rapture was, it was a good book on its on the writing was good not great, but simple and flowed well enough. The story I have read quite  few times loner supernatural never has known love and then suddenly BAM! There's their soul mate and now there are obstacles, but Sylvia Day put her own little spin on her supernatural world where there are the following groups in this book; The Fallen were previously Watchers fallen from Grace they are now basically Vampires. Lycans a subgroup of the Fallen who were spared Vampirism by agreeing to serve the Sentinels and were transfused with demon blood...they are mortal and can shape-shift and procreate, but are mortal. Minion, a mortal who has been changed into a vampire by one of the Fallen doesn't really go over well for them. Sentinels, an elite special ops unit of the Seraphim tasked with enforcing the punishment of the Fallen. I am not sure where A Dark Kiss of Rapture falls in the Renegade Angels series, but I enjoyed it once you got past the typical supernatural names everyone always seems to pick for themselves. Then again Charlie the Vampire doesn't really sound mysterious or dangerous does it? (Stolen from Fright Night the Movie that line) This particular story Follows Raze a Fallen who never has loved and is oh so sexy and is so typical loner guy it almost hurts, but when a stereotype works why break it? He's had a body dumped on his doorstep and a scary plot involving followers of a put down Fallen are creating problems in Chicago. Then enters Kim so not his type even though she's you guessed it, Gorgeous and she wants him to go to bed with her, both need to heal some inner issues, and what better way then multiple orgasms? I will let you the reader follow up on what happens here, it is no great mystery, but a fun short read, I hope to read more of these books to get a better picture of where Sylvia Day is taking her world and cast of characters.

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