Saturday, August 6, 2011

All Just Glass Written by: Amelia Atwater Rhodes

to channel my younger self I purchased the latest Amelia Atwater Rhodes books that I did not have. All just Glass is the continuation off of her vampire series, I must say the writing was lack luster the story was so quick and had no real depth that I couldn't really fall in love or make a connection to the characters... I love In the forest of the night, and especially Demon in my view, actually all her books are fairly on par with the rest, but this more recent one just made me cringe a little. I wish more was done with it, but whatever. The next book in the series is Persistence of Memory which totaly rocked! I loved it hands down and I still love how Amelia uses her world and drags old and new characters with little mention of each to keep you connected somehow to past books. I really think she needs to expand in her writing and descriptions in order to have more than a little over a hundred page book. I'm not saying go the route of Steven King where he takes forever just to explain a Green Mile, but a little more than dialogue would be appreciated... she's grown up so her writing should grow up more I see a little in this recent book.

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