Friday, August 19, 2011

The Fall: Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan

What can I say about “The Fall” Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan have stunned, amazed, and impressed me once again. Now, for those of you who have seen Pans Labyrinth, Blade II, Hell Boy 1 & 2, you are familiar with Del Toro’s style of directing and creating. Perhaps it is because of these movies I can picture what he writes all the better, but I think even without having his visual creations as reference I would still be able to see everything Chuck Hogan and Del Toro have created in part two of this Trilogy. NYC is so familiar now to me, at least its underbelly is familiar to me. The first book “The Strain” scared me, and as I said in my review of it “I’m so glad I knew this was a story” But, part two of the trilogy left me just as impressed, the book this time however greatly disturbed me. The creatures the authors bring about in this are not exactly unique, but impressive in their inhumanity vs. humanity both in the villains and survivors of this tale. I say survivor, because in the world these two writers have created there is no real room left for the magnificent white knight the world has long since made those figures impossible, instead we have our average folk just fighting for all their worth. They are not really living, but just getting by day to night, night to day. The Fall is properly titled because that what this book is, and I’ll not give away plot as usual, but I must say reading this book in the light amongst people only helped a little, perhaps reading it by oneself in a brightly lit room encased in concrete and a lead door may have made me feel more secure as the problem the characters face are both inner and outside forces messing with them every step of the way. The human psyche and heart after all can only endure so much is what we have been told, and yes people do crack but in this book you are amazed at what you can live/ survive though. Then again look at the world we actually live in and maybe this work of fiction is not so far off. I loved the Fall and eagerly await the conclusion of this trilogy hoping to answer questions I have, and yes to be scared and disturbed once more.  I have to ask myself can this series have a happy ending.

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