Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dead Reckoning Written by Charlaine Harris

Finished latest Charlaine Harris book Dead Reckoning a few weeks ago..I really enjoyed it, but I really wish series could end these days, but I'm very puzzled as to where Charlaine is going with her series.Someone today asked isn't that just a romance novel basically? No, I read romance novels and honestly I feel any book with a female main character runs the risk of eventually falling into the romance slot even if it isn't. After all how else would a female or even male reader relate to a neural brain surgeon, homicide detective, vampire slayer, paranormal investigator, if they couldn't find some normal ground such as love? The sookie character may have love interests, but it's not porn as many a people see on HBO's True blood, which is sooo not the Sookie book series. Though the book Sookie enjoys sex just as much as the next women her love sadly doesn't seem to ever work out, and though she has no real supernatural strength and yes men have saved her she's women enough and modern enough to fight her own battles where she can. I enjoy the sookie character as she is a modern woman who is on the fringe of both the normal and supernatural world not quite fitting in either she's not overly beautiful, strong, or even bright, but she's trying to make the best of it and will pour any guest a glass of blood, tea, or beer as is Southern Hospitality. The latest book was a total set up for the next book that I'm sure will come lose ends are barely tied up, but the book itself was amusing and did not lag and kept you wondering. I look forward to the next book and am not ready to give up this series... then again when was the last time I gave up any series? Wait never mind Terry Goodkind's sword of Truth I gave up on like book 9 or 10..

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