Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Neverwhere: Neil Gaiman

Have any of you ever seen or read Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass? I sadly have not had the pleasure of reading the Alice books, but I have seen Disney’s version, and several other live action movies. I must say Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere book makes me think of the White Rabbit. I can just picture Mr. Gaiman having that White Rabbit lure Alice or, us as the readers into his world he has altered and then created. This book starts off normal enough for a Neil Gaiman book that is. Then Mr. Gaiman who reminds me of the White Rabbit throws us down that damn hole slaps us around a bit, and hurls us smack dab into madness. At times you think you’ve got a handle on the world, and then you are lost. Sad thing is there’s a main character who is the one who is being forced into the dark world Mr. Gaiman has created. It’s dark, dangerous, and forgotten by anyone who truly matters. The characters are enjoyable they’re written just enough to get you to know and enjoy them to an extent. Alas, sometimes I find Mr. Gaiman doesn’t give us enough about his characters to really make us understand them, but just enough to care for them. I will say this though every page lures you further into his world and makes you wonder which world really matters. The main character is a nice fellow who really should have just kept walking, but as Neo learned in the Matrix there’s really no going back. My only real complaint is as I have seen in the past the story does not fully conclude similar to past books I have read by Neil Gaiman. Other than that the story really brings you in and has you feel many emotions especially concerning those who are part of the Neverwhere world.  I have never been to London but after reading this I feel I know a bit about the old city… at least it’s subways and sewers that is.

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