Monday, August 8, 2011

Hit List by: Laurell K. Hamilton

kay, I've been reading these books faithfully for over ten years now...Hell, I've had my husband and gf's friends become jealous of the fictional male characters we've been in love with for years. I've pleaded with friends to keep reading to say "they get better I swear it's not over after Obsidian Butterfly, she builds character, please keep reading."..I've told people "it's not just about sex..." Well, okay I'm done, if you want to give up on this series go ahead I can't I'm too invested in the characters that I've grown up with, and learned to love over the years. I think to properly sum up this book you really need to read it and the series to really see what has happened here... Picture a Kevin Smith movie...all talk little action but there's whitty humor jokes of lesser taste and some really amusing moments...Kevin Smith has claimed he's a lazy director, he'd love to just have Ben Afflex and someone else talking about something action pack occuring rather than having to direct said action packed scene...well Laurell has done that with her writing,she's become lazy her book did a lot of "This we've got to do this and this is going to happen!" Well, NOTHING HAPPENED! Hit List when it first was announced it was said this book would be a book that the gauntlet would be thrown down and picked up. St. Louis would become a battle Ground Anita and her men/team/ friends so to speak, versus the Mother of all Darkness and her ancient team...well this book was soooo not what was promised instead let's do what the books have been doing forever and mainly since Micah.. Picture if you will :Overweight bulky racistsexist cop whose all big and painful stereotype, he hates Anita because why? Well turns out the Anita character is petite big boobed and cute! Plus she knows how to shoot a gun, kick ass, and give anyone shit who dishes it out to her. NO FRIGGEN WAY! We've only known this since the first friggen book?Why must we hear the same description of Anita and characters we already know over and over again 20 books we've got it. And, if a character is minor and only in one scene I don't know the bulk, hair cut, dyed eyebrows, rippling muscles, or even boob size! Oh and guess what Spoiler alert Edward aka Ted is also in the book and guess what people...he has a cold blooded stare! What really? We've only known that since the first book too....really!? So turns out someone or something is murdering supernaturals not the first time and Anita and Ted are on the case...guess what she's away from her men, but somehow finds a few men that like her instantly and thus her powers can somewhat be controlled but not to the extent she needs to yet again have sex with a stranger!  Anita protests like she ALWAYS does and then more talk talk talk talk talk occurs... at least when it was about sex in the books SOMETHING happened! Laurell Keeps throwing men into the books, men do not equal more plot. I love Anita still, really I do, I love most of the men alas most of the new ones I can't even remember their names since she keeps adding them every book... I'll keep reading the series but in all honesty I can no longer call Anita my Hero and this series my favorite something bad happened and I can't stand multiple books whose endings are just pure cop-outs in the end. 

There I said it and it's a lot politer than what I originally thought...

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