Monday, August 15, 2011

The Peach Keeper Sarah Addison Allen

Okay, for all of you out there picture the person whose always been there for you, no matter what you know that person is there for you. A bond of friendship that just lasts regardless of time, events, neglect, and life. Perhaps once you hesitated in picking up that phone, but then they just appeared and made it all right. Now add a dash of mystery and some rich upper class and a fallen family who have a dymanic trait that can't be smothered. The Peach Keeper made me value all the friendships I have and even the ones I no longer have. It's a great story that I had to read twice just because it was a good story it left you happy and fullfilled, it was a one time novel no second needed in a world of so many series, it told a story it had you escape the world and transported you to the two main characters lifes and their side backup characters just end with a smile. This book may not be some great life changing book that has some big message, but it's a great story that really again makes you treasure what you have and again even lost. It also shows us it's never too late to revive and make a new everlasting bond.

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