Monday, August 22, 2011

The Help written by: Kathryn Stockett

The Help… Is being compared to many books and many stories, but what really jumps out at me is it’s being called “This generations To Kill A Mockingbird” I read this in a magazine, and saw they were making a movie of “The Help” the way commercials described it, it looked like a comedy, but to be compared to “To Kill A Mockingbird” told me there is no way this is a comedy. I actually loath when people say “It’s this generations so and so...” I find that if something is so great and it influences a generation then why can’t the same thing influence generations yet to come and present generations? And, many great books still do. So, I can’t say this book is this generations “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Because, this generation still reads and learns from To Kill A Mockingbird in and out of schools presently.  I saw the author similar to the Author of the previous mentioned book was also white, and had grown up in the South. Well, I thought I have to read this book, because it’s stirring up people and about to be made into a movie. Well, I am glad I did. Yes there are similarities, but like anyone growing up during this time, the stories are different and yet the same. I used to listen to my Great Grandmother speak, and then my Grandparents speak about times when they were young and even my parents views created vivid stories for me. I read To Kill a Mockingbird both as a child and later on in school. I found the book greatly depressing, but educational. It is interesting that a woman in this current age would write about a time in the 1960’s when so much was occurring. Similar to the Author of To Kill A Mockingbird to write in the late 1950’s releasing her book in 1960 about a few years during the great depression when the rights of many were still so screwed up in the South and just looking at a person the wrong way could get you killed. However, the same could be said about “The Color Purple, Raisin in the Sun” and many more books during the years. I found myself reading The Help and yes at times I was angry, sad, and uplifted. The story is not told by just one character, but told by three amazing women. The story progresses so well, and I found myself screaming at the book at times “No, Don’t!” “What!?” “What next!?” The chapters would end on a cliffhanger and I found myself remembering the movie Scream 3 (please don’t kill me for this comparison) During a scene in scream 3 the actors are at the Fax machine receiving faxes from the murderer/killer and it cuts off before they all find out who the Killer is going to grant mercy to. They all scream in agitation and anticipation…well that’s how I felt. I had to keep reading this book even though yes, it was depressing. I love history and many events in this book though didn't happen exactly when the author put them in (they amend this in the notes at the end of the book) it worked quite well with the story itself. Some may say the characters are too stereotypical, but during the times people were forced to be stereotypes, and many hid behind those to keep the real people hidden and safe. The way the community interacted both in front of one another and behind closed doors really was amazing, and the way the children were brought in also broke my heart. They friendships and relationships created, bent, and broken really made you think. I enjoyed this book immensely I won’t say it was my generations or this generations To Kill A Mockingbird I think this book was powerful enough to stand on its own and not be compared. It may not make everyone happy and it may upset many others, but when this happens I always remember a story Billy Joel shared with the general public. (I cannot say this story is true, but I always enjoyed it) The Pope hated and complained about his song as did the entire church “Only the Good Die Young” well Mr. Billy Joel wrote the Pope a thank you letter stating he could complain about his music publicly anytime. Record sales went through the roof apparently. Read The Help and you’ll understand why I make this comparison, if people are told “don’t read that, it’s trash, horrible, I can’t believe this….” I think it makes something even more popular, maybe not in the right way, but I think The Help personally is a good book, and I’ll probably read it again.


  1. Hey Nikki, thanks for the review on this one. I've been pondering downloading this on my Nook and I think I may after reading your review. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Great! Glad my review could help tip the scale for you. Hope you like it, let me know what you think.
    Best wishes,