Saturday, August 6, 2011

Books, Books, and more Books! 1st Review Wyvernhal Written by Amelia Atwater Rhodes

So, after having friends read my little posts on books I've read in the past and currently, one suggested why not blog these reviews. I read a lot, and sometimes it's tough to talk about a book seeing as not everyone reads the same books as me, or really wants to talk about the book. I had a mission to read 1,000 books before I was 30 I reached that goal 9 years early, and though I'm no literary expert or even an English major. I do know what I like, and I like wait, correct that I love books! So I hope someone can join me in my love for books and let me know, what they think of the books I read and if my opinion on the matter matches or is completely off of what they think.

 Miss Atwater Rhodes Book I read was the conclusion of her shape shifter series Wyvernhal a very complex story with a lot of world detail and at the same time no detail, I miss the original characters whom are only a generation removed and barely mentioned I understand each book follows a main character and expands the story, but for a conclusion so many questions were left unanswered and you really wonder if any real issues were resolved? Still an interesting take on shifters and their culture/society. wish again there was more meat to this book. But, overall I enjoyed it.

So, there's my first review I hope you can agree with me or disagree with me when it comes to my reviews. Comments are welcome discussions very welcome.

Thank you,
Nikki MJ Blake

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