Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Blue Bistro Written by: Elin Hilderbrand

The summer continues, and Elin Hilderbrand keeps me dreaming of those perfect summer days and nights. I am really beginning to see a Pattern in this author's writing/books. For one they all have female main characters, two they all take place at Nantucket, and three each main character tends to have a defining trait that makes them unique including her sub characters. This book made me wish I could quite my job and run to Nantucket and work as a hostess at some classy restaurant. Thus I would make lots of money and holiday for the winter in some snowy or hot exotic place...le sigh, this book really took the cubicle walls away from me and plopped me right onto the island of posh Nantucket. The cast of characters Hilderbrand brought together were so cool. Just so COOL! Then there's the talk about the Blue Bistro's food, my brother is a chef and I wish he still lived with me because I want him to make me fois gras, Lamb Lolipops, tomatoe specials etc... He explained life in the food/cooking world and I think Elin really captured how odd and dramatic the food world can be. If you enjoy food and reading, well this is so the book for you. There's so much to love about this book from Adrienne the main character to her boss the handsome co-owner Thatcher to the other Co-owner Fiona who is also the main chef, and an amazing one at that. Okay, a little bit of plot main character ends up on Nantucket, no food experience, looking to get away from life, and has a big pension for flossing. You will understand when you read. I cannot give away much as you the reader will have to figure out what is going on at the Blue Bistor just as poor Adrienne had to. I could not put this book down it just made me smile and feel warm sunbeams on my skin and smell suntan lotion mixed with the scent of the sea, and champagne. Truly a fun book that had so much character to it.

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