Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Written by: Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland, another classic, it seems to be the time of classics for me huh? Well, Alice in Wonderland has always been a favorite of mine from Care Bears in Wonderland (yes this does exist) Disney's version, to the TV live action versions I have seen. It was just such a bizarre story and full of utter nonsense, but if you just let your mind relax you can get into the story. I found it was easier as a child to follow the dialogue I could easily understand why The cast of characters did what they did, but reading this book as an adult, well...I must be getting old because my mind actually became a bit fuzzy and puzzled over what the hell was going on. Oh sure I understood the basic plot, and it was interesting to read into the Alice character as an adult because to me she seemed kind of crazy like she was two people at times, it was interesting to say the least. I also was introduced to a lot of stories that I never new about before and found them pretty amusing. I still have no clue why the Mock Turtle was sad....any of you understand? I will have to look it up. The story was a bit choppy at times and backwards, but I think the author intended it to be that way that's the charm of Wonderland or the horror of it. I could see why Wonderland could be a little scary like in other versions, but oddly enough the Queen did not come off as scary what with her husband pardoning everyone left and right, kind of takes the threat out of the Old Red Queen and makes her seem like just a big buffoon full of hot air. I believe will have to pick up Through the looking glass soon, I think I would rather like to go back to Wonderland and see what Alice will do with herself and what Wonderland will do with her and the other inhabitants of its world in that dreamy world Mr. Carroll introduced so many to. Though, there is one thing that is still bothering me that always comes up "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

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