Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fahrenheit 451 Written by: Ray Bradbury

First, Rest in Peace Mr. Bradbury. And second, I have never had the pleasure of reading Mr. Bradbury's works of writing before. I must admit I was rather shocked at how many of my friends had read his works and were so saddened by his departure, and then this heat wave hit my State for the last few days I thought well...let's give this a fitting go. After I got past the part about this book title being the temperature at which books burn. Horrifying thought. This book though short sure as heck packed one hell of a wallop. I can't go into much detail because I cannot spoil this book for you. What scared me so much about this book is I am already seeing such behavior all around me, people close their eyes and minds to the workings and politics of our countries, they wish to escape and not understand. They do not want to have such heavy thoughts. So many friends of mine tell me "Oh, I don't want to get involved, I don't pay attention, I don't like that kind of stuff." It is maddening because just because you ignore it, doesn't mean it isn't there. If anything it is a green light for those who want to be involved the extremists to make their choices for you on either side because they are involved. Another example I have found is a person may post a story about the War on women, Immigration being forced to "voluntarily deport", A brand new virus, a book banned from a state. etc... but that will get one like or one comment, where as "I farted while not working today, I am so hot, What shall I do today, etc..." Will receive 30 likes, and some 20 or more comments. It is easier to discuss the mundane the easy than deal with the messy. Then you hear of these school text book companies who have cart blanch when it comes to editing or leaving out bits of history, why? Because, they don't agree. I wonder with reality T.V. where there are no writers, no moral lessons, no real messages just a whole lot of people well screaming and making a lot of noise and entertainment is this our time of Fahrenheit 451 coming to pass? I admit I read a fair number of doom futuristic books, but this one well we let it happen. we just didn't want to deal and walked away. Did Mr. Bradbury see this? I loved the writing it was like a poem it was so mashed and changed from one dynamic moment to the next. The main character his mind, his thoughts, it was like a rusted machine never used before struggling to do what it was made to after years of harsh weather rained down upon it. And then the End...which you can interpret however you like. I did enjoy this book, and it made me think yes, I read a lot, but the important thing is to remember, and try to take something from the books.

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