Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Shunned House Written by: H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft I have heard of this man for most of my life, and told that many of my friends and the world of Horror and other supernatural aspects have been heavily influenced by this man's writing. I had the pleasure of even playing in a few games based off of his writing, and let me tell you scary stuff indeed! The Shunned house, is about just that, a house that is greatly forgotten, ignored, and deliberately so. The writing is so interesting I read a lot of first person books so I am very used to dialogue between characters this had none of that it was just descriptions over and over again, and very eery as the author kept layering his tale. The story itself was so unique in the way you have this house, and you know something bad had to have happened as you're told something bad has happened, but it is not overtly there. You just know it's going to be bad, but how bad? H.P. Lovecraft builds his story slowly as if you were walking through the woods one day found a path with a ray of sunshine upon it. Then as you kept going the path might twist here and there the sun becoming dimmer, and dimmer, the birds becoming quieter, until before you realize it you're in a dark dead wood with a noxious gas coming up from the ground and the path you were on is gone. The story evolved steadily, but when it finally finished you just were trapped, and had no chance of escaping. I felt myself wanting to ask the main character what the hell he was thinking doing what he was doing, and how he expected to accomplish anything? I loved this short book it was just simple and gripping. I look forward to reading more by H.P. Lovecraft.

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