Monday, June 25, 2012

Erotic Indulgence Jess Dee, Lexxie Couper, & Vivian Arend

What a way to start the summer off I mean HOT! Indulgence can be very fun from time to time don't you think? This book was smut, plain and simple. It tried to be filled with plot and give personality to each character, but this was too short of a book for both plot and foreplay/sex time. There are three books in this series I only read the first I will have to read the second and third since it appears they all take place where the first book occurs. This book is just steamy and sexy plus there's a dash, well a lot of love too. The stories main character Paige is a hardworking lady who is about to open a super hot brand new beach resort hotel, and she's just as serious about not one, not two, but three very gorgeous men. She's torn between choosing one of them. She loves each one special in his own way, but able to bring her to orgasm with...well you will just have to read in order to know. Which man could she possibly choose? As I said this book is short, but if you want to turn the heat up for a moment or two, and dream of being on a beach with a cocktail and just let go well I recommend this story.

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