Sunday, June 3, 2012

Love Me Written by: Bella Andre

Well, after all of that heavy realistic reading and classic stories it was time for another Zero Calorie book, this one though wasn't so bad in its plot not just being sex, or so short the plot didn't seem overly relevant. Change that, it was actually pretty short, but written well enough, very easy reading. The story was about these two people the first, Janica Ellis is a wild, independent, sexy, free thinking/living fashion designer. The second, her brother in-law Luke Carson is obviously the gorgeous hot stud, who is also a workaholic trauma surgeon. The two have obviously been attracted to one another for some odd years, and it seems they just think they're both all wrong for one another, there is something however that occurs that well... yeah they're thrown together and things become quite steamy. It seems like we the reader are given a short glimpse into any average persons life, as average as a high fashion designer and grade A whiz guy surgeon can be deemed average that is. It as if we are seeing the very end of a long complex courtship between two people. It is full of love and complicated emotions, but not too complicated. The other characters in the books are just shadows who bring the plot along in ways the main characters cannot do themselves. It was a nice uncomplicated read, add a few hot and heavy scenes, and the story was quick enough you could just enjoy it in an afternoon, and not have to do any heavy thinking. I deem this a Zero calorie book a little form of escapism.

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