Monday, June 18, 2012

Turn Coat Book 11 in The Dresden FIles. Written by: Jim Butcher

Life goes on... especially if we do not want it to. I am actually beginning to fear Mr. Butcher and his universe, I love the world in which he has placed Harry Dresden and I love his characters each has such a distinct voice and personality I can easily remember who is who. In this book Morgan the Warden who once hounded Harry just itching to end his life has been accused of a very big crime, and there's only one form of justice for Morgan...execution. If you've been reading the series you would know Morgan is the poster child of the White Council as Harry puts it..."Morgan would slay bunnies if they practiced black magic." So, for Morgan to commit a crime so heinous it would warrant death....quite out of character. So, Morgan seeks help from the one man whom he can think would understand, and who just so happens to also be a private investigator, yup you guessed it Harry Dresden. Just your everyday City Wizard.  This series is just so dynamic and action packed even the mundane everyday life stuff is either hilarious or gut wrenching. Poor Harry, I know I say that a lot, but it's the truth I do not know how much more this guy can take or how much more those around him can endure. In this book Harry is really in a tight spot as per usual he has to grit his teeth and save the day this time that person is Morgan someone whom he really does not like. Harry also has to not become wanted himself by the White Council. His love life is also as per usual a bit skewed and we come into more knowledge about Harry's mother's past...oh boy. There's some big nasty's in this book as well again as per usual, I mean seriously Harry's not even 40 yet, and he's dealt with so much. Still, life goes on... and I think that's what I enjoy about Harry so much. Yes he's fighting at times not to lose his grip on reality or go via dark side, but he can also sit down with a bunch of friends at the end of the day and role-play a Warrior; table top style. The usual cast of characters in this book make an appearance and some in a very sad, depressing, heart stomping way. This book had a lot and I mean A LOT to it. The world is getting darker and everyone is growing up and evolving sometimes not for the best, but that's just the way the world works. I am biting my lip in anticipation on where this story is going to lead us all to and have some theories I cannot wait to see if they pan out or not. So I tip my Hat to Mr. Butcher for giving us yet another great Dresden book. Do any of you agree or disagree?

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