Monday, June 4, 2012

Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith Written by: John Jackson Miller

My, my, my, that was a quick read! I realized I haven't read a bit of Sci-fi for a while and when I saw "Lost Tribe of the Sith", well,... I just couldn't resist! The Jedi are okay, but for me the Sith is where the real action, the drama, and all the real plot is at. This book was very tidy and easy to read, and it just flowed so well. The book itself is broken into 8 separate parts spanning over two thousand years, but again it is so tidy that those two thousand years seem like a blink of an eye, and I guess in the Star Wars Universe that really is just a moment. My favorite quote from the book came from book one. I just have to share because it sums up the Sith quite well. "Saes, captain of the Harbinger, was a fallen Jedi: an unknown quantity. You couldn't trust someone the Jedi couldn't trust, and they would trust just about anyone." Genius! Because, well, it really does ring true no? I felt bad for who the Sith conquer, but I was very taken with how different the generations of Sith grow to be through the course of the book and the stories Mr. Miller chooses to share. This book has a bit of everything, but I almost felt like the Sith weren’t "evil" enough? Maybe it is because of how they are limited, but maybe it is also because if you've read enough books about the Sith then an entire planet of them after a time just becomes exhausting and same old same old. Betrayal, seduction, shaky alliances, etc... those are the Sith when they're grouped together alright. Hard to be a puppet master when you're surrounded by fellow trained master puppeteers.

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