Sunday, July 1, 2012

One for the Money a Stephanie Plum Novel Book 1 Written by: Janet Evanovich

Happy July everyone, and as it is July we are in the 90's temperature wise where I am currently, so I thought well let's see, hot...summer...excitement. Ok, I picked up the first book in a long series starring Stephanie Plum she is a 30 year old gal from Trenton NJ. I am very familiar with NJ and this particular area and think this book is a little dated. Sure there is the occasional big haired, Reebok white high tops, and biker shorts, but if you ignore some of the classic fashion trends of NJ you can move forward and just enjoy this book. Note this book was published in 1994 so it wasn't dated when published. Stephanie Plum is a product of the Blue collard Burbs with a doting mother, insanely quirky Grandmother, a father who just wants to enjoy his dinner, and of course her trusty hamster Rex. These are hard times for Stephanie as she's been laid off and has been slowly pawning off her possessions to the point she's just desperate enough to take up the career as a kick butt bounty Hunter, well a beginner bounty hunter. Ok, more like a bounty hunter with training wheels. I must admit there were times I was ready to walk into this book and smack Stephanie she's so frustrating in some, most of her decisions. Very entertaining NJ has changed quite a bit since the 90's, but some of these aspects of these book are oh so accurate of the time. This book never became boring in fact there were times I was just wondering how the hell does she keep doing this? Of course there's a few handsome hunks peppered in, but the attitude of Stephanie is just so funny and delightful she just doesn't take No for an answer classic Jersey Girl. Her first assignment is an uber tough one since she's going after an old fling whom she may or may not have accidentally hit with a car on purpose. So, I really enjoyed this book and I will continue to read this series.

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