Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Am America (And so can you!) Written By: Stephen Colbert

Well, I was trying to finish this book for America's 4th of July, because what is more patriotic than Stephen Colbert? Ha...

I am not entirely sure what I just finished reading, but...if that is how Stephen Colbert thinks on a normal day my gosh! I do not envy this man with all of these heavy thoughts. This book was just wow...I was greatly entertained by this book and really must say Stephen Colbert really is unique. Very great conservative (term used very loosely) satire. The book is broken up into several parts Introduction, ok.. a little bit nuts and then How to Read this book, right there I realized ok this is going to be some bumpy ride. You know his advice is well researched and founded by proof like this little nugget. "But the mother should never be the primary wage earner. The kids see that, lose respect for their father, and decide to become gay every time. It's known as teenage rebellion, and I've seen parades full of it." Just wow...Or this little knowledge about the Catholic Church "We'll let you back into eternal salvation, and all you have to do is say a few Hail marys, feel a little guilty, and deliver us your massive army of lockstep values voters." He also points out what's wrong with Hollywood talk about a well rounded this question he poses to us. "If someone screwed off the top of your head, scooped out your brain and filled your skull with garbage, would you fight back? You bet your screw-top head you would." This book takes tongue and cheek to a whole new level, I felt like I was falling further and further into pull madness, but in an odd way I enjoyed it. I watch Colbert's show a lot so I did have his voice in my head this entire book, now if only I could get it out of there... if you're looking for some great humor with a lot of salt this is a very interesting book.

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