Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mokingjay Book 3: Written by Suzanne Collins

Well, folks, this is it the end of the Hunger Games series. And, though I really enjoyed the first book I felt like this series just could not finish as strongly as it began. Warning if you love a few characters maybe it's time to begin to let go, I will give Author Suzanne Collins this, she knows how to kill off characters, but this book I felt like we needed a Joss Whedon moment. What is a Joss Whedon moment? For those of you who watched the last season of Buffy well, Buffy became very known for her long speeches that were meant to pep everyone up and give us hope, in the end they had to make fun of this fact in the show. Well, with all of Katniss's internal monologues and self loathing I became very bored, I wanted this book to pick up the pace, but it was just Katniss broken, Katniss sad, Katniss kinda ok, Katniss empowered, Katniss freaking out, Katniss just all over the place. There was a lot of dialogue repeated from the first two books and certain relationships were so anti climatic I wondered if maybe this thread just wasn't meant to become big in the first place, which would be fine is the author wanted to deliver a more heart felt message, but the fact there was so much focus on this made it impossible to ignore.

  Spoiler: (Skip if you don't want a spoiler) This to me was just bad writing so Katniss needs Peeta everyone agrees without him Katniss cannot be the Mokingjay, so they send Gale in the rescue group, ok wait, wait, wait a minute! You send her other love interest, but not only that he's her bestie friend in the whole wide world who if he was killed, or worst captured and tortured...well doesn't that seem like Katniss would yet again blame herself and probably not be able to function? C'mon! It doesn't make sense at all to send Gale in...just bad.

I very much enjoyed the side characters and how they added to the plot, but it seemed like all the exciting the real meat of the book happened behind the scenes without Katniss. A whole lot of plot twists I will give the author that and it took me some time to figure them out, but were you not looking for them I would say you would definitely be shocked, I am sad how some characters turned out, but in the end it made perfect sense. Overall though, I don't know it seemed to be a lot of the same message to fight evil you must become evil, and if you become that evil well... are you better for it in the end? I think my big gripe with this book is Katniss as a person did not grow she was used, abused, and yet she did not overly grow in her convictions or as a character. So, did I enjoy this book? Honestly, I found myself falling asleep and then becoming very interested and then wanting to hit myself in the head to keep focused on the plot. So, was this along a good book? Overly no, a good ending to this series...I will give it an ok, but I still enjoyed the first book best.

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