Monday, July 9, 2012

Catching Fire Book 2: Written by: Suzanne Collins

Oh Katniss...winning the Hunger games with both you and Peeta may just not have been the best thing you ever did...then again screw the Capitol right? In Katniss' eyes wrong, she just wanted to live she knew she could never live with herself if she let Petta die and she lived. Well, compared to the Hunger games Katniss' new life is just as deadly whereas before she knew where she stood and what life held for her, now with plot twists and schemes that are too complex for our poor main character to fully understand. The Capitol wants revenge it has been embarrassed greatly by a sixteen year old girl and the "love of her life" and Katniss and Petta are expected to dance to the Capitols tune or risk losing everything, but can they really give up themselves fully to the Capitol's wishes, and even if they do everything the Capitol and President Snow wishes will it ever be enough? Boy oh boy, then throw in all of the other cast of characters and the poor real star crossed lovers, that is if Katniss can ever figure out what she feels, poor girl really is clueless when it comes to feelings. I dare not say too much about this book because those little (gigantic) shocks Collins slams us with really make up the story. I loved how the old characters came back Haymitch being one of my favorites he's really actually quite complex, and I am glad we learn more about him and his past. I like a lot of the new characters Collins introduced, and warning have tissues... I didn't cry as hard as I did in the first book, but I cried a lot more. For a young adult book this series really touches on a lot of hard concepts and really makes you wonder "What would I do?" Could we the readers think clearer than Katniss, or would we be just as lost just as hopeless? Would we choose to run, go with the flow, or rise up? So, what is going to happen to the citizens of the districts? What is going to happen to the people of the Capitol? What will happen to everything? I do not know, this book was fairly transparent if you paid attention to Collins writing in the first book, there are some good (depressing) surprises and when the book ends you may find yourself in semi shock and wishing you could find out what will happen next? I must give credit to Carolyn McCormick who read this book and the last one, she really does a great job with putting a lot of emotion into the text that she reads. I really enjoy both her male, female, and even children's voices. So I definitely will read the third and final book in this series and I really hope there can be a happy ending for Katniss, her family, and the citizens of the District, even the people belonging to the Capitol (if they can ever learn to think)  

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