Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Two for the Dough Book 2 Written by: Janet Evanovich

Oh Stephanie Plum, how I find your life so amusing, and sadly I can completely understand you. Only in NJ... would a woman do the following "Any intelligent woman would have made a dignified retreat, but this was New Jersey, where dignity always runs a poor second to the pleasure of getting in someone's face." Yup, how true that is...I'm ashamed to admit this slightly, and yet somewhat proud. This book the gangs all here, or what seems to quickly becoming the game. Stephanie her trusty hamster Rex (who really needs a vacation poor guy) Ranger is here and there being the mysterious bounty hunter that he is trying to give Stephanie some sort of guidance. Then there's Morelli whose as slick as coconut oil and well...not sure where that's sexy, but he's damn sexy all the same. This book is Stephanie just starting to make some fairly smart moves as a newbie bounty hunter, but for every smart one she makes my gosh does she make a lot of bad ones. Then again look at her Grandma Mazur, apple surely did not fall far from the tree on her, that sassy crazy old lady just tickles me pink with how awesomely nuts/cool she is! Just read and see her reaction to a certain gift and trying to explain her reaction by blaming National Geographic, ha! So, what is Stephanie chasing this time what did her perp do? Well, of course they missed their court case, someone Stephanie knows and then there's a whole bunch of funeral viewings she has to go to. But then things just go from bad to worse for Stephanie and the (spoiler) body parts, ick! Things heat up a bit romantically and criminally, and even some classic Dirty Harry lines make it into this book. This was a quick and fun read I really cannot feel ashamed for feeling some pride having grown up in NJ, granted...I don't know if what Evanovich writes is something exactly to be proud of, but whatever. A fun read that even with the scary stuff I could not stop laughing.

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