Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Proven Guilty Book 8 Written by: Jim Butcher

Happy B-lated Halloween to all of you! I could not wait to log onto a computer and tell you about the latest book I have had the pleasure of listening to! I am so happy that these books are unabridged. That way I get every juicy little detail right down to the smart ass jokes Bob the Skull tells to the whitty Relgious banter between Harry and Michael. Book 8 in the Harry Dresden series titled Proven Guilty, written by Jim Butcher, and read by James Marsters. Was just fabulous! I had started listening to this book a few weeks ago on a road trip, but it being such a long book had to wait to finish it on this latest trip to VT, now the splitting of the trips proved even better. The first half of this book takes place in a more populated area Chicago of course, but also in a setting that is dear in my heart. I will not tell you what venue exactly, but for those of you who appreciate badges, long lines, and small glimpses of a nerd hero you will totaly appreciate this. The plot was very technical as always and I found myself wishing I had a hat to grab onto and chew just to contain my excitement. My husband who was driving I also caught having shocked faces and sudden gasps at what was occuring. Harry did not dissapoint, neither did some other very loved characters. This book was not exactly fast pace but rather gathered more intensity as it went along. Of course there were a dozen or so things coming for Harry at every angle.

Of course you will probably be frustrated at how human and thick skulled everyone is, but that makes it all the more real in a very non-fiction book. The second part of the book was listened to, and this could not have been more perfect! On the way to VT during a snow storm! I was shocked October and that much snow, but it only added to the perfect setting that Mr. Butcher was already describing, the characters find themselves in a not so very good place. Want a hint? Bob the skull is promised by Harry he will not take him with him, but rather bring him home before they set off on their quest. The story is amazing and so many questions are becoming clearer, but not the answers. A new big question has been asked, and another one answered. Friends stay true and yet something is very off.

I simply want to know more about Mouse, and what is going on with this oh so special Dog and of course Mr. the cat. I also found myself sitting on the side of the road the book having concluded going... what next? This book really picked up some new trials for Harry to face, and I really want to know again, what next? So, I cannot wait until the holidays are here, yes more driving, but more Harry Copperfield Blackstone Dresden too.

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