Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Written by Stieg Larsson

Let met tell you all, I was very skeptical about this book before I began reading it, and only became more so as I was reading the beginning chapters. I had no clue where this story was going to go, and even more confused as two very distinct and seemingly unrelated tales were being brought before me. Since this story takes place in Sweden it was also quite foreign to me seeing as a lot of words and settings were not familiar to me. Then I kept reading, and like the main male character Mikael Blomkvist I was drawn further and further into the story and the layers upon layers of facts and mysteries that kept cropping up. The other characters too were confusing and everyone at some point seemed suspect in the over arching plot. The other main character Lisbeth Salander it also a big mystery that we learn a little bit about throughout the story. The characters themselves are pretty unique and special in their own ways and quite extraordinary together. They are totally different in both generation and social class, but their curious natures and convictions really bring them together. Mikael was a breath of fresh air and though a bit of a Tom cat he was a new age gentlemen with a boyish charm and a real mission. Salander has a mission of her own with her own codes and means to get her results. Though a bit crass and scary she thinks before she acts, and seeing how the world looks at her it is no wonder. The writing was very interesting too, it was so precise and very detailed, but flowed effortlessly. The pace of the book just kept me captivated and fully invested in the story. This story was by no means happy if anything the small plot points are quite dark and upsetting. The end leaves you wondering if anyone actually wins.  I highly enjoyed this book, and have the second one in my possession and wonder where this author is going with this dark technical world he has created.

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