Sunday, November 20, 2011

Enchanted Again, More Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women. Written by Nancy Madore

The first glance, the meeting, romance, and eventually love, and a wonderful partnership, marriage if you will between two people. (or more if it works) A glorious tale for each couple as each gives something of themselves to the other and in doing so create something wholly unique for themselves. The outside world may not see this, or if they do they can not completely understand it, but each person recognizes what it is, some form of love. The first book by Nancy Madore called "Enchanted." was breathtaking for me. From beginning to the end the book itself created wonderful even delicious tales of passion and then partnerships that still were infused with the first embers of passion to create an everlasting fire.

This book however, Enchanted again did not do that for me. Where the first was romantic and sweet, this was passionate and bitter. The stories though erotic at times felt more like a traditional fairy tale in it was telling a bittersweet or often times just bitter story. The women in these tales did not strike me as fair or trying to empower themselves and to create a wonderful relationship, but rather they were out to find something perfect and would not work for perfection over time but wanted instant gratification or really to just enjoy the hunt for love. These tales left me sad and pitying the women in these tales and the men. The relationship really did not have trust. One story did and I cherished the tale, and found myself wanting to pluck it out of the book and rescue it from its companion stories. If anything the book was more of a warning to women and perhaps men when it comes to relationships. This book felt so jaded, perhaps I am not cynical enough to appreciate the stories, but even if I was I did not find myself enchanted in fact I found myself thrown into ice cold water and forced to sit outside at night with no blanket wishing some warmth existed in the world. I wonder what the author was trying to say in this book, but for an erotic book it was just not my cup of tea. Rather it was bitter and cold mostly. Perhaps some people would enjoy this tale, but for me to not have trust or willing to build something with your partner honestly just does not seem to be love. I do not think I will read this book again anything erotic and sexy was washed out with the bitter messages, and it was just too harsh.

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