Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Girl Who Played With Fire written by: Stieg Larsson

Where do I begin? This book to put it quite simply was...gripping. Lisabeth Salander is quite honestly an amazing woman. As far as main characters go she is just all around dynamic and kick butt, a real modern day kick ass take names kinda gal. After having read the first book in the series "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." I did not know where this story was going to go, after all Mr. Larsson had written a true masterpiece with his first book with Salander and Mikael Blomkvist. I am glad it did not end with that book though. This time though, the book had even more puzzles and layers to go through. All of the characters in this book lent something to the tale. The beginning was such a nice delight and very foreshadowing in its brightness and delight and then becomes darker until soon all hell breaks loose. We the readers learn more and more as he story goes and have insights to all the scenarios going on. However, that does not mean we will know the answers any faster. No, we're left scratching our heads and gripping the book flipping pages rapidly trying to figure out what the hell is going to happen. This book also shows a pattern, and made me so angry, infuriated actually at how the authorities who are supposed to serve and protect botch everything so royally. What is on paper is not always true as we've learned throughout history. I dare not give any of this book away, but the investigation and how the general public takes this news. The people who grace Salander's world whom are as close to friends are so fantastic themselves I enjoyed reading their stories and their venomous and quirky responses to the accusations brought against their friend. This book I would easily have stayed up all night reading. Every free moment I had, my hands found this book and I read as much as possible. I was delighted also to see Blomkvist in this tale, though not as central as a character this time, he played a very important role. I am very torn now as the book ends in such a way that I wish I could go to a book store now and begin reading the next book, but I shall refrain from doing so, best to enjoy this story before I delve further into this perverse world of Salander where those who should help screw you over and those who are expected to lie down and take their licks stand up in the most odd and at times very illegal ways sometimes with a gun, taser, keys, etc, or simply with a mac book, good reporting, and just plain old guts. Again a very gripping and fantastic story that will just have your head spinning and wishing you had a fraction of the main characters brains so you understood what the hell was going on. Cheers to Stieg Larsson

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