Thursday, December 1, 2011

1225 Christmas Tree Lane Written by: Debbie Macomber A Cedar Cove Novel

Cedar Cove, well let's kick this Holiday seasons off right. The last time I read a Christmas/Holiday themed book, it left me so emotionally distraught that of course I had to share it with my mother in law (inside joke, I'll explain someday) So, now that I am blogging, I thought well, let's try again. My husband and I looked through the books at the store, and I happily found one. This book though, alas, I did not read the inside jacket well enough. Turns out this is the last book in an running series about the town known as Cedar Cove. Now, look at all those very cheesy and beautiful Holiday Cards you receive. The enchanting snow covered forests, the classic horse drawn sleighs, the houses covered in twinkling Christmas lights, and all that makes a family's holiday special. This book was basically all of this. Debbie Macomber wrote a very lovely story that from what I can tell incorporated all of her previous books characters and their stories tying up loose ends and wrapping it up with perfect paper, a pretty bow, and subtle love/Christmas note to her fans. I kept seeing how Christmas should be and celebrated by a community and individual families. The holidays should be special even if it's only two people together making their own traditions and living old ones. I warn you though future readers, this book is so sweet I found myself getting a toothache corny but true, it was absolutely cute. Since I haven't read the previous books the names and other stories other than the main one at times confused me. This is no fault of Debbie Macomber, but my own so I cannot penalize her. If you have ever watched the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" you know Warner Bros. and Disney worked together, but could not agree on a main character and thus was born Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, and a few others. It seems this is what happened in the main plot, the author simply couldn't pick a favorite to write about as the central plot. So we introduce Beth Morehouse. The writing seemed a little young, but the author painted such a beautiful holiday scene, and I could follow the stories of all the characters that eventually I found myself wishing I could live in a town like Cedar Cove. So, I hope this kicks off everyone's holiday season, and I wish you much luck beginning the preparation for your special times. Now, back to our regular reading.

ps. There are a lot of dogs in this book and ten puppies! Trust me if you're a dog lover you'll fall in love.

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