Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sellevision Written by: Augusten Burrough

Holy cow! I am just blushing and giggling over this book. I feel like running around, but I'm on my lunch break, and I'd look rather ridiculous doing so. Instead a review. The author really captured the lives of his characters. This book is a dark comedy, but compared to the books I have been reading it's positively beaming light. I'll never look at a home shopping show quite the same way again. Rarely have I ever watched an order from T.V. show, the jewerly is always so bright and gawdy, and the new highech machines so bizzar. The book is written very savy and quite funny. Somehow though, it never fully pushes the envelop. It sure nudges it every page, but then it will splash back and try again. Several times I laughed out loud, I could not stop thinking about the story and what was going to happen. The main cast Max Andrews, Peggy Jean Smythe, Leigh, Bebe, and Trish are just priceless. They were so incredibly real in their own ways, and each of their inner voices was unique in my mind. Sadly, very quickly I realized this book was going to have to end. I just wanted to keep watching, yes the book is written so well I felt like I was watching these people as if they really were on camera and not on the pages of the book. The back description of the book says.

"Darkly funny and gleefully mean-spirited, Sellevision explors greed, obsession and third-tier celebrity in the world of a fictional home-shopping network."

Yes, the Author does this and so much more. I only wish this book was longer so I could see the stories behind the stories. I needed a lighter book and this wasn't gooey, or too hallmark card, rather it was just plain and simply Shit happens.

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