Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lost December Written by: Richard Paul Evans

And, now, time, for.... another Christmas book! Well, where the last book I read by Mr. Richard Paul Evans was just utterly depressing and left me in a puddle of tears. Lost December thankfully did not leave me feeling so utterly depressed. It actually left me hopeful and a bit happy. I even used his other book as revenge against my mother in Law. (She gives me a lot of life lesson/depressing books. Amazing, but depressing)

 Lost December was in danger of becoming just that depressing, but the author seems to realize this is Christmas time so let's bring some joy into the tale. The story is short and quaint. It is a tale of the prodigal son who is lost and it is not entirely his own doing. He's not your typical son with a silver spoon in his mouth, there is more to him, but due to a few poor choices and even poorer friends he finds himself utterly destitute and without his best friend, his father. This was a cute read, it lacked a bit of detail, but the story itself flows and you find yourself as the reader seeing exactly where the main characters Luke life is going, but there's nothing you can do, but shake your head and pray he gets a second chance. I could easily see this movie becoming a Hallmark movie found on lifetime, but as far as a Christmas book goes this seems like it was just an excuse for a time setting. I enjoyed the story in the end, and there were quite a few characters I enjoyed, but overall the whole Christmas joy and story seemed a bit lacking. It was a decent book, but not one of my favorites.

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