Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fingersmith Written by: Sarah Waters

Communication, yes, it all comes down to communication, and being clear in your arguments. Fingersmith was a labyrinth that was so twisty and full of odd turns, and plans long in motion. The story is very daring and so twisted. I felt myself wanting to call out to these people to wish I were some book God and pick the characters up and right them properly. I have read a few Victorian books, and this book read like it was written from this time. The voices of the main characters was so distinct. Some may find themselves torn between the main female leads, or even with the lesser female characters. Perhaps some may even take pity on those the main characters use for their own profit. Also, the love that was displayed and the thoughts of the characters was heart breaking at times. Perhaps a queer kind of love as our author would write, but still love in a tarnished form, but with a little shine...maybe it can be pure again. After reading this book, I cannot say who was really right in all this, and who was wrong, so many factors over such a long period of time, and each side having their reasons for what they did. I enjoyed this book, the writing as I said felt like it was written during the era itself, and the author should be recognized for this. I could imagine the world of London and its countryside not nearly as romantic as most made it out to be, but rather dirty, polluted, and populated with so many poor and wretched souls. There is also a place in this book that is set in a mad house,and I loathe old fashioned institutions with all my being, to think what we would consider absolute torture now was common forms of care and the nurses who tended to these poor ladies and men were no more than sick, twisted, bullies, who for whatever reason were hired and able to indulge themselves fully. If you enjoy a good book that twists, and are not faint of heart, this book is so for you.


  1. I can't for the life of me remember if this was the book I read from her.... All I can remember years later is that it was part of the GLBT section of barnes and nobles last time I went in, and that the girls had their cheeks pinched or slapped to get the flushed look on them.... eh.... I DO remember it was a decent enough story to not have me return it or sell it out. maybe I should re-read it eventually :)

  2. It might be, this is the first book I have read by her, but the timeline and themes from what I have read seem similar. Perhaps she mentions the lip biting and cheek slapping in other books as woman throughout time have done this. Let me know if you read it again, or what you think of her other books. :)