Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force, Written by:Daniel Wallace

Star Wars, well, I must admit I am not a die hard fan of Star Wars, I find a lot of events, and even the technology contradicts itself, but it does add authenticity to the Star Wars universe since our own is just as contradicting. That being said, I do enjoy the movies the original and somewhat of the new. I did enjoy some Sith books, and even a few books on tape, mostly due to my husband, and inlaws. Well, the Jedi from what I have seen have not overly been explained in a lot of these movies and books. The Jedi Path though it was not by any means detailed was insightful. I felt like it was a guide to help you figure out what you wanted to know and gave you those terms to look up in other books. So it was a good reference book. I also enjoyed the little comments made by the "Jedi" The illistrations were pretty cool too. I do enjoy how it made mention of the other species and force users as well. I did not realize so many other creatures/planets used the Force. The book was an easy read, and for those of you who know the Star Wars Universe you may find yourself smirking and even laughing over what you know. After all this book is supposedly given to a youngling and studied/referenced until Knighthood. So It begins first in Yoda's hands and ends in Luke's. I am not giving away plot the book says so even before the first page. It was an enjoyable read, and I found myself asking my more Star Wars knowledgeable husband questions concerning the book and what it was making reference to. A good read if you want to further know the mysterious Jedi Order.
Ps. Happy Birthday to Stormy!

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