Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Night Circus written by: Erin Morgenstern

Not to be over dramatic but  The Night Circus was truly mesmerizing and magical! “The Circus arrives without warning.” Indeed. I was somewhat afraid I would be influenced by other books and circus tales, but this book had its own feel to it. Old, and timeless is what this story was to me. It was told in such a way I found myself flustered and trying to understand how these timelines fit and why they were told in the order they were. I swear I felt myself seeing the circus and smelling popcorn and caramel apples. In fact I had to make popcorn a few times while reading this book. It was a complex tale, and the circus itself was so well done I really wish I could see this for myself. My imagination felt like it was on overtime while reading this book trying to picture everything that was described to me, and my mind would construct what the pages and words told me, but then I would deconstruct it and make it better. I found myself not wanting the book to end, trying to prolong each chapter so as not to reach the end when the story must end. Alas, the story itself was not all grand performances and standing applauds. Erin Morgenstern wrote a wonderful story, and I feel like she could write many more just about the characters she introduced even briefly each felt like they had a bigger more important story to be told, and we were only given a glimpse and not even behind the curtain. I dare not give any of the plot away, but I was also slightly saddened over the lack or true love in the main characters yes, there was love, but somehow it felt hollow at times. There was something missing, and perhaps it was intentional if that was the case then I tip my bowler to the author and wrap a red scarf about my neck this instant. If it wasn’t intentional well, all is forgiven as I enjoyed the circus and the ideas and concepts behind it. I do not think I have read a book quite like this.I greatly enjoyed how the author tipped her hat to the Circus fans, as though we fans are merely spectators we too are a part of the story. I loved how she appreciated the Circus fans. I almost wonder if that was a thank you to her future readers. I'd like to think so. There are similar stories I could mention even circus ones, but I do not wish to steal away from the Night Circus or “Le cirque des Reves” This book could be for all ages, though I think each generation would take something from the book in their own way as would each reader. I think I will read this again and hopefully my imagination can see the grand sights even better than the first time.

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