Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sacred Volume 2: Story and Art By Lizbeth R. Jimenez

Mmm... Manga, how I missed you. Due to how long series are these days and how similar most manga have been, I have been hesitant to even begin another, then at Manga Next, I again had the pleasure to attend a few panels that hosted Lizbeth, and interacting with her just hooked me. This book continues directly after the first one. It brings a lot of plot to the table. The art even appears to have evolved a little. I love the outfits she puts her characters in, they're so unique in their own ways. There is a cool grouping of Goth, Business, business casual, classic royal garb, and just so many styles that blend wonderfully in Grandome. However, for every question answered three more are asked. I love the pace of this book and the funny moments cause me to just giggle like a young girl. There are a lot of serious moments, but it seems Lizbeth just cannot help herself and will throw in some kind of wise ass moment or remark to offset the serious tone, but it does not ruin the moment if anything it helps we the readers to cope. The scene transitions could use some work. I had whiplash a few times when I was reading and then BAM! We were in a totally different scene with a different group of people. These could be a tad neater so I do not find myself going back a page and wondering if I missed a page. I find myself loving Skylar and Sheko was more than the main character, but I usually route for the chorus rather than the lead singer I think. I do wonder where this story is going, this world is just so vast! It seems there could be a book just about the world and not even the characters, but I love that! It means there is definitely more to come. Did I mention how awesome the art is by the way? The art is just so spiffy and beautiful. From the funny chibi art to the very serious art. I love it! Being this is a manga it is very hard to talk about the plot, but... trust me this is a series to follow.

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