Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whitetail Nation: My Season in Pursuit of the Monster Buck Written By: Pete Bodo

Hunting, well, this book magically appeared on my e-reader, and so I took that as a sign that well, time to learn about hunting. Now, I know next to nothing about hunting aside from the occasional hunter in movies, and what tid bits I hear from my in laws I know nada. This book taught me a great deal about the culture in a very tongue and cheek kind of way. The story teller himself you realize very quickly is very into hunting, but can also take a moment to make fun of himself and the culture he's immersed himself in. For example he speaks about this book that deals with and is dedicated to fishing and hunting clothing and gear. The company dedicates itself to every niche and each catalogue is as thick as a New York phone book. He states "Just thinking of the paper wasted on those catalogues makes me want to run out and hug the first tree I see." Now, that is humor indeed. I looked up a lot of what this book talks about and yup, this gentlemen got his facts straight. I also really felt for this guy. I was trapped between wishing this guy to get his dream whitetail buck, but also every time he aimed his gun screaming in my head. "No! No! No! Run away cute beautiful young deer! RUN!" Though, I learned Deer are not so friendly and cute as you may think... some things are just gross. Example, I never knew that baby deer, fawns give off no scent when they are born, and when the mothers lick their fawns this causes them to go to the bathroom, they don't otherwise, and then the mother eats the feces...well, yum? Ick... 

Just learning about the special soaps, deodorants, shampoos, gear, food, and actual guns and accessories, is just mind boggling. His love for the hunt, and the respect he has for both nature, animals, and his craft are very cool. This book also spoke about the different types of hunting seasons. I had heard of bow hunting, musket, and rifle, but the bow just sounded so cool. I enjoyed the main characters and the storyteller, I won't spoil it for you if he actually got that monster buck he was pursuing all over America, but I will say it is an amusing read and will give you a glimpse into the life of a person who wants to hunt a deer without having to actually go out and join them. I liked the humor and cannot wait to ask my in-laws how accurate this book was, or if they themselves have faced similar situations as in the book.

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