Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sacred Story and Art By: Lizbeth R. Jimenez

Hello all, Another Manga review:) And, this is a special treat! I had the pleasure of meeting the author/artist before I read this book. Lizbeth is just a wonderful treat and breath of fresh air. She's just so fun and quirky. She did two panels and after viewing her art and hearing why and how she created her Manga I just had to pick up the book! She admitted her story dealt with a few clichés, but that it was her story and she wanted to tell it her way. She's self published and I must say she works very hard from what I can see and has tremendous support from her loved ones. Now, onto the book. I can see why some people may think there are some clichés here, but everyone has a story and everyone’s story is different right?  There are some very interesting takes on magic, religion, and the supernatural world from what I can see. The two main characters Cecero and Sheko are just adorable and have some interesting traits. Their friendship is just so cute and endearing.They're studying "Mejic" and students cut off from the rest of the world, they are not supposed to use their Mejic outside of a controlled environment. As for the other main cast of characters they too are all just awesome and kick butt in their own ways. Skylar is fastly becoming someone I wish I knew in the real world. The art is just so cool! It has its own style and its own life. There of course is room for improvement, but there is rarely blank spaces and lack of candy for the eyes. The story had its own beat and flowed very differently, but it reminded me a bit of Vampire Knight in it gives you a few choice bits and will probably fill in the blanks later. I hope! The tale itself is about this different world within a world known as Grandome. I feel like we've only seen a small piece of this world, and so cannot wait to learn where this tale is going, and what will in the end make it a real kick butt stand on its own series. There are so many elements I feel confident I will stick to reading this series.

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