Friday, February 10, 2012

Beautiful Mess Written By: Lucy V. Morgan

Well, I took a chance and downloaded a free book for my E-Reader and I must say I was not dissapointed at all. After having read yet again a lot of heavy reading. I thought to myself I need a pick me up, some good ol just for fun reading. I actually saw the blurb on the author and thought this British writer just sounded so fun that I just had to read something she wrote. Well, again not dissapointed. The book is a short one, like fourty minutes short. Bailey the main character is so much fun and going through a terrible breakup with a boyfriend she thought was going to propose. She lives with two basically three flat mates all guys. They're all very fun characters and in my age group so I could identify with them. They're a young fun crowd with interests less than average, but common place with the younger generation. A simple story, but with a lot of quirky and dirty humor. It was an upbeat story but it also had a lot of sweet moments too. I had to stiffle a laugh several times and think I have friends like this. I also love the very romantic sweet moments as I am lucky enough to have had such similar moments. If you're looking for a quick read while waiting at the DMV, waiting room, or just find yourself needing to kill some time, this is so a good book. I definetely will have to look up her other stories. Warning there is some erotic moments in this book if you're not into that, but if you are enjoy!

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