Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Written by: Seth Grahame-Smith

How awesome is this? I admit I listened to the audio book back in the beginning of 2011 or was it the end of 2010? Any who, I loved this book, I then read a few biographies on Abraham Lincoln since I always loved his story and history mostly to refresh what was true and what wasn't. Well, I must admit I am in love with this book. The historical accuracy of the book itself was quite refreshing. If a person could allow themselves to believe in the supernatural this book eerily makes one think..."could there actually have been and currently are vampires?" The historical cast that enters upon this stage is just mind bending it is so cool! Characters that I am sure many of people have never heard of or have forgotten play a role in this book, and again it is not far off from the actual historical roles they played. Plus, how cool is it to remember this American President was a very good woodcutter, self educated, and in this fantastic twist a Vampire slayer? It is interesting to also re-examine the civil war and to really remember what the newly elected President was going through and what brought him to the life many know him for. If you are a history buff and can take the incorporation of vampires I think this breathes life into an old story of one man’s very Grand life. If you take away the vampires all that he does is still quite amazing as a lot of the book deals with the human aspect and how they are being manipulated and how they manipulate others in turn. Both the audio and written book are quite awesome. I am glad I had a chance to stumble upon this book before the movie release. Will I See the movie? Hells yes! But, from what I've seen it looks like they are going to try to uber human Abraham Lincoln, and though I have a wicked love for the Great man who helped reshape a nation and had some of the most amazing speeches and personality traits to me, he was just a man, or was he?

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