Monday, February 27, 2012

Small Favor Book 10 Dresden Files: Written by: Jim Butcher

Oh Harry Dresden, how you continue to amuse me. This book was yet again happily listened to, and the gangs for the most part all here, some characters from the past make appearances in very amusing ways, and quite terrifying especially since one of these characters was Queen Mab of Winter. There were some amazing tongue and cheek jokes made here. I cannot help but wonder if something very interesting was going on during Jim Butcher's life. The jokes were just so "screw you world! And, very..."Ha Ha Ha! I am wizard! Hear me roar!" Harry just cracked it seems and all the sarcasm just came pouring out. Now, this was not just typical Harry, he has a few wise ass remarks to his tormentors or friends, but rather just SNAP! and Insert Witty remark one after another. This story brings a lot of elements that the series has been building up to. However, for as much as I love the characters the story itself has a very odd and unusual pace. A lot happens in a very short amount of time. Rather this feeling like a stand alone book it felt more like a book that was setting something up for something bigger. I really hope Harry does not become an uber complete 100% bad ass character or rather the Superman character. Then again...slight very small spoiler that has no real issue with the plot, he does around 90% of the book with two black eyes and looks like a raccoon. I can only imagine where this series is going, will it become darker? Probably a good guess, will Harry's life ever calm down? This book brought some old fun fairy tales and vamped them up quite a bit, and brought Harry in the middle of Summer, Winter, and some very bad foes from the past and present. And, for a funny question I have to have answered someday and hopefully sooner rather than later...will Harry ever find some release for all that tension? If you read the series you'll understand.

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