Thursday, March 8, 2012

Love, Lies And The Unkown Life of Mata Hari La Femme Fatale Written By: Pat Shipman

Mata Hari, have any of you ever heard of her? I hadn't until I learned about her in a book I was reading completely unrelated.  It was only one sentence mentioning the World War I spy, or was she? Needless to say I wanted to know more a female spy in World War I?  I read this book last year, but seeing as it is International Women's day, I thought this would be a good book to read yet again. Mata Hari was born Margaretha Zelle she was overly indulged by her father and believed herself to be different, special, if anything she possessed more flair than any around her. It was a charmed life until she was 13. Her life took her to temporarily become a school teacher, and like she charmed her father, brothers, and those around her, she too charmed a man she should not have. Later she would answer an add to become a wife to a man twenty years her senior it was not a happy marriage she had two children and even then lived with great flair and all were scandalized but amazed by this women. She was shunned by women and she took this to be them jealous of her. Her marriage was just in shambles and Mararetha became even more disillusioned she created her own world her own amazing fantasized worlds that overlapped the real reality. She wasn't necessarily beautiful but her life her essence and expression changed her into something rare and exotic. The character she eventually transforms herself into never fully stops evolving either. Her life is so beautifully tragic she demanded people watch her that they admire her and worship her. It was Prior to World War I, she was generally viewed as an artist and a free-spirited bohemian even if the performing world viewed her as a farce, but as war approached, she began to be seen by some as a wanton and promiscuous woman, and  even perhaps a dangerous seductress who would later be blamed for the deaths of over 50,000 soldiers. This book has so much detail and at times you cannot help but smile ad how Mata Hari just went for what she wanted and knew how she would obtain her desired goal. The photos are so amazing too what was so scandalous then I see occur all the time at least the performances. The searching that went into this book is like a bittersweet love letter. I won't spoil anything more for you, but even if you might not agree with how Mata Hari lived her life, you must admit she lived and even those that came across her could not help but marvel at this rare and original woman.

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