Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Perfect Blood Book 10 The Hollows Series: Written by Kim Harrison

Oh goodie, a Rachel Morgan book! Huzzah! I absolutely adore this series. I hated the Rachel character when I first began this series, but now, well I only at moments want to throttle her to the ground, but that's common for everyone who meets her. Sure she tends to think short term and not really use her head a lot, but she tries, and she's grown quite a bit. This book, well the last one was incredible, but this one was infuriating! In a good way...  but it was paced differently than the last several books. This one had a slow beginning as if Kim Harrison was also trying to become reacquainted with her cast of characters and her world. This has been a very long and wild ride thus far, and this is so not the last book in the series, it felt more like a book that though had moments scary as all hell and action packed, has set us up for something way bigger, something even the mighty Trent Kalamack may not be able to handle in the future. The basis of this story is Ritual murders are occurring across the city, and there are terrifying amalgams of human and other. Well, scary, this book brings a lot of sensitive topics into the story, things that are very own world faces very much today. Prejudice...and a lot of it. I almost threw the book across my desk a few times due to how angry I had become over how even in a work of fiction something so evil and so relevant could hit so close to home and be so obviously wrong. And yet... it thrives in both worlds. It's sad and I will refrain from becoming preachy, but seriously people, why can't we just put aside the differences and live and let live? I must quote Tim Curry here in the fact this series still causes me to "shiver in antici....pation." The sheer will the author has in her character relationships just kills me, I just want something to happen! The story itself also had a very sad undertone as change has to happen all of us have faced such moments in our lives when we are either no longer changing and our friends change on us, or we change and our friends just go on leaving us in the past. I also wonder, what the hell is so darn special about the coffee shop of Jr.s that causes so many big moments to go down. There is so much tension and the story so taunt the relationships have evolved to a point I think I have a glimpse of the future and I'm excited and sad for everyone from Witch, Vampire, Pixy, Elf, etc.. to demon kind. I enjoyed this book, I screamed at my husband to leave me alone, I was on the last ten pages, and I just HAD to finish. A good tenth book, I wonder how long this series will go on for, I'm not tired yet, but I NEED to know what the hell this author is thinking.

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